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2.1 Final Mile
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Message: Final Mile  
Author: Kraus, Anna Jul 06, 2014 - 4:34PM


  1. Manage Groups - need a way to know if in corporate version or regular version - what does this mean to the user? What do we want to show different in regular version vs corporate version? Consider adding a tab in the Global Group Dashboard with the corporate options, these are grayed out if user does not have the corporate version.
  2. Starter website: - check text in tab, should not say AdReflex CMS
  3. Widget Exchange - change to AdWidget Exchange - add the API to the cart, update the link in My Groups to point to the product page
  4. Help - update the files with changes to the AdReflex software since the last time the help was updated (mostly Site Builder changes)
  5. Update the API doc to refer to AdEngines 
  6. All group tab content needs to be reviewed and finalized
  7. AdReflex Exchange - add widgets and templates, add database info
  8.  Going to CLF inside the builder OR going to Store Admin both take a long time to load >> need wait bar where ever this is happening
  9. detailed product descriptions need to be finished
  10. AdReflex Exchange Widget - fix content
  11. update content on the AdReflex Demo site to include content from the AdReflex.com site
  12. improve the content and look&feel of one of our sample sites. Once it is done I would like to review it with Sean before fixing all of the other sample sites.
  13. .ORG site - when printing group notice as portrait the text is truncated, can we set a style so that the text wraps
  14. cart - product sku page - add instructions about billing, tab needs the adreflex icon, product details add a save to the top, finish updating SKU
  16. Add to help file information about Smarter Mail like disk space, etc. Key for corporate user
  17. Add 360 review feature to the HR contract
  18. Railo ready NOW
  19. first page + need video (testimonial + basic training)
  20. More color palettes - assign this to someone
  21. Meeting Room - brand this - add customer logo

.COM QA Completed Items

  1. Fix the cart - editor must work, add a wrench for quick editing the product, add an X at the top right of the store manager to exit (rev 2849)
  2. Uneccesary group tabs from My Groups needs to be removed
  3. Pay now - should take the user to the checkout and not the catalog if they have already signed up for a free trial 
  4. Mojo.ca - inline edit of home page not truly WYSIWYG - look at paragraph with : deliver project management.
  5. Single sign on - not clear, needs instructions (rev 2852)
  6. Zone Editor - if your on the home page and you are using a custom home page then when the zone editor is turned on the custom home page should be the first default tab displayed ( rev 2853)
  7. Help - still says AdReflex Chat and not AdReflex Meeting Room)
  8. Free trial email - fix content (see below) 
  9. Click here link - change to buttons
  10. the puzzle needs to be the logo for AdReflex software in the catalog  (use the guarantee image too)
  11. use a new image for design team in the catalog
  12. Menu button font - check that bolding is working correctly
  13. fix the bug with search in the help file.  (rev 2873)
  14. Using Pay Now and Make a Payment - standardize this
  15. Fix known bugs (see Bug List)
  16. Reduce the number of fonts, find a fix for when fonts don't display correctly (https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=385084) (rev 2879)
  17. Add an option for users with an existing site to the list of available starter packs
  18. Starter Pack page - Preview button text should change to 'Take a Tour'
  19. .ORG Site - add the following groups to be displayed first in the list of groups (use * so they list first):
    1. HR Team
    2. Finance Team
    3. Charity Team
  20. .COM Site - Features - add prev next icons on the submenu pages
  21. My Groups - manage when the list is too long - can it be scrollable

Free trial email text

Logo top right (consider guarantee logo)
Congratulations for using AdReflex software. Your new address will be: [bold]live link[/bold].
Going live may take up to 24 hours. As soon as your site is live you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your site.
You may also tie your own personal domain to this site at any time. If you need help getting a domain name let us know



  1. Railo ready
  2. Launch a corporate version
  3. login took forever
  4. Need a header

Corporate Site

  1. Needs all engines (surveys, tests, etc)


  1. Railo ready NOW


General QA work

  1. Final spell check
  2. Final grammer check
  3. Final design check


Demo Site

  1. missing "about Leaning CMS"
  2. the demo needs video
  3. The word DEMO needs to be viewed somewhere on the site … all pages. - can we use an image in the background?
  4. still talks about collaboration suite … (finish all 4 CMS intros … less is more)
  5. use the material here for describing each CMS … combine on main site … then use the same material (finalized) on both sites. 


Starter sites

  1. less ipsum lorum on some pages
  2. get team in TN going on next 5 starter packs (Real estate / doctor / dentist / )


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