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For Anna
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Message: For Anna  
Author: Kraus, Anna Jul 06, 2014 - 4:33PM

.NET site not showing admin login in footer - rev 2838


  1. not able to save sticky for final mile in the BB (rev 2850)
  2. When I set the position values in the BB I lost the sticky value (rev 2850)
  3. BB - make sure the update button is at the top of the page (2851)
  4. AdReflex admin wiki not saving - need to review how to clear the WIKI text. Right now if you try to delete it, the text is deleted the link to approve WIKI isn't displayed so you can't get the site to copy the notes_sb to notes in the group_tabs table
  5. If an admin user changes their password then you need to update cw_admin table. Check that the cart user info is updated when a user changes their info (rev 2877)
  6. Thread - new message doesn't have right toolbar (rev 2876)
  7. Thread message display - if not logged in and the thread is private you should be directed to the login (see http://www.test.adreflex.com/index.cfm?fuseAction=ShowThread&password=&messageID=1495&threadID=364&forumid=73&private=0&NoReply=0&prodgroup=cf_thread&WinRefresh=0)
  8. Look at nattest.adreflex.com - font is large so login screen does not look good. should hard code the font size for some of our dialogs (done rev 2874)
  9. Cart's continue shopping should take the user back to the first page of the cart
  10. When viewing a product it should have the edit link as well
  11. Cart is using CKEditor - look at editing the AdReflex Software product - it is not WYSIWYG. Look at: (rev 2875)
    1. #CWadminContent p in ../admin/css/cw-layout.css (padding)
    2. .CWtabBox (line-height)
    3. How can we set the editor content to have the same style as the site? On the cart page the content is surrounded by the class CWContent which has styles in the CSS. When editing the product description if I surround the area with .CWContent can I get the edit area to inherit the same styles?
  12. Missing standard fonts (Arial, Georgia, others?) (http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_websafe_fonts.asp) (rev 2884)
  13. Dashboard drop down: add: (rev 2893)
    1. max-height: ;
    2. overflow-x:hidden;
    3. overflow-y:auto;
  14. See classroom.adreflex.net (rev 2892)
    1. Edit Event needs padding
    2. Manage tests -> Set Due Date - Needs to have the same background, also dialog is a bit long
    3. From the calendar click on a test due date event - start and end dates are displayed as NaN
  15. Table style - consider added a field for the odd color row
  16. Our dialogs (like set due date) should have a fixed font size independant of what the user sets


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